Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Niagara Falls

This unreal boyfriend of mine told me we were going somewhere this past weekend as part of my birthday present, but wouldn't tell me where. He came to Toronto on Friday and spent the day with me and the little boy I take care of, had a little bbq with the fam, and then we gymed and stayed in Toronto that night. Saturday morning we got up (way later than planned) and drove to St. Jacobs to do the market there, have lunch, and do some mini putt in the beauuuutiful sunshine. And I thought that was the surprise and we started driving back to his house. Until I realized (sew smart of me) that we were not really going in the right direction and checked my handy google maps all sneaky to see. And then he said we were going to the African Lion Safari and I got all excited and plugged my phone in so I would have enough battery power to take pictures with animals.... Ya we were not going there haha. Finalllllly he stopped being a good liar and I was sure we were going to end up in Niagara Falls, which I was so pumped about because I have been wanting to go there forever and nobody will ever take me!

Wearing an elephant shirt for African Lion Safari????
We arrived pretty late and checked into hotel before heading downtown for dinner!
We went on the ferris wheel thinking it would be my first view of the falls, but they weren't illuminated for some reason.
We hit up the casino after dinner. I blew my 20 asap and he turned his into 70. Oh.
The next morning after our free breakfast we did some outlet shopping and hit up Arbys for this one to get some meat.
Yaaaay perfect day for the falls :)
Pretty pretty.
Happy campers.
We were choosing between Maid of the Mist or Journey Behind the Falls, and he had already done Maid of the Mist so we went behind the falls :)
Little bananas.
Getting soaked. But not as much as the girl taking our picture oops sorry lady.
Hot hot.
Thank you to all the strangers that took our photos :) you guys da best.
Yarite rainbow.
At Ripley's museum. Asked a little boy to take our picture because nobody else would make eye contact...
Longest nose I guess?
Walking across the falls.
Toast Yeezy!
Bae booty.
Walking around looking tough.
We watched the fireworks over the falls and then headed back up the hill. There was so many people that everyone was walking on the road and no cars could get anywhere forever. 
The wax museum after the fireworks! Shoutout to everywhere for being open until midnight.
His bae.
My bae.

It was the best weekend and just what I needed after being sick last week with a viral infection :) After the wax museum we drove back to his parents place to sleeeep. We woke up and wanted to have a nice relaxing day after the super busy weekend. We went to the grocery store to get things for breakfast without thinking that it was closedddd due to Victoria Day. So we ended up at a restaurant for lunch instead. We ate and went home and watched some Human Planet and had a nap before I had to go catch the bus. When we woke up we both felt horrrrrrible and had some sort of bug. (I'm blaming it on the tap water we drank...) and it was so bad that I had to reschedule my bus for the next day and he had to call into work that night. And we slept for over 12 hours and woke up feeling much better. Crazy way to end the weekend, and we ended up being together for almost 5 days without killing each other ;) But in all seriousness, so lucky to have this one, thank you for the weekend kiddo!

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