Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Living in Toronto (May)

Helllllllo pretties! May flew by as they all do. It was my BIRTHDAY MONTH and I am now 24. Because of that I spent a few weekends not in Toronto, so this photo dump is on the small side. Check out my past two posts to see my weekends in Niagara Falls and Camping :) I am so excited for June and all the beautiful days ahead :)

I spend a lot of time on the greyhound.
My grandad had an art opening in London!



Boyfriends foooootball.

High Park with Bridget.

Why is my head so big.


More gym.

We went to the symphony!

It was super cool.

Go do it.

I recommend. 

Boyfriend got me a Tupac shirt so I had to take photos.

Rainy day in the 6.

Beautiful park days this month!

Devon and little man.

Viral Infection ftw.

Happy June everyone! :)

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